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  1. nomad

    Mountain biking, anyone?

    Mountain biking is a very popular adventure sport in our country, people all over the world come to bike in our mountains. However, I have never done mountain biking because I am afraid.
  2. nomad

    Where do you like to go camping?

    My favorite camping destinations are Everest Base Camp and Annapurna Base Camps. However, in recent times, these places are getting crowdy and I am thinking to go to the Langtang mountain for camping. Mountains are my favorite places.
  3. nomad

    Have you fished Mahseer?

    Mahseer is Himalayan fish found in the rapids streams and lakes in the Himalayan region. In our country fishing Mahseer is a common sport. However, people release the fish into the water after catching it and taking photos because it is endangered species.
  4. nomad

    Time spent working on your rig....?

    My last trip was to Mustang Valley in Nepal. It was almost three years ago. Ever since covid happened, I have not been anywhere. I spent about $1000 (It is really cheap in Nepal)
  5. nomad

    What do you check when buying a jeep?

    I can't afford to buy a Jeep. However, whenever I want to go offroading, I make sure I hire a jeep. It is the best off-road car in my opinion. When I am hiring the jeep, I make sure the vehicle is well serviced.
  6. nomad

    Favourite Road Trips?

    I once went on a road trip to Mustang, a valley beyond the Annapurna mountain. It was a 7-day toad trip that went through rocky mountains, along the canyons, and a deep gorge.
  7. nomad

    Nomad here

    I am a content creator based in Kathmandu, Nepal. I am a full-time blogger and website designer. When I am not working, I like watching TV shows.