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  1. Ravenfreak

    Favourite Road Trips?

    Mine has to be the trip my grandmother, sister, and I took to Branson Missouri. It was cool seeing parts of my state that I've never seen before.
  2. Ravenfreak

    What's your favorite sport?

    I don't watch too many sports but I do enjoy watching hockey from time to time. My local home team is in the stanley cup playoffs right now. I used to enjoy playing basketball, but haven't done so in a long time.
  3. Ravenfreak

    How much does a fishing license cost in your state?

    I'm curious to know how much a fishing license costs in your state. In my state it costs $12 for residents but for non residents it costs $42.
  4. Ravenfreak

    Ever participate in a marathon?

    Has anyone here ever participate in a marathon before? If so how many miles was it? I've never done so, I might sometime in my life just to say I've done it.
  5. Ravenfreak

    Favorite Movie?

    I can't really pinpoint what my all time favorite movie is. Though some of my top favorites are Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Jeepers Creepers 2, Beetlejuice, Pet Sematary (1989), and Maximum Overdrive.
  6. Ravenfreak

    Hey Everyone!

    Hey everyone I'm Ravenfreak. I'm a 31 year old guy who enjoys video games, music, movies, anime, and forums. I do like to go to my local parks and get some fresh air too. I've got around 5 or 6 different parks where I live, though I usually just go to two specific ones since they're huge. It's...
  7. Ravenfreak

    Visting the park

    I love going to the park! There's two local ones I enjoy going to, if I want to walk around I go to Civic park. However if I want to just drive around and get Pokestops in Pokemon Go I go to Fort Zumwalt. Civic park has a nice big path to walk on.