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    Mountain biking, anyone?

    Use to run a trek marlin 7 around alabama. Got out of it, kinda miss it.
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    Hey Everyone!

    Hey Welcome to
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    Ever participate in a marathon?

    I ran a 5k back a few years ago it was called the color run
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    Park or back-country?

    I use to go camping all the time and it was great, made many friends over the years by camping weeks at a time in the camp grounds but I always wanted to go to the back country and rough it for a while. Have you ever went to the back country?
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    Favorite Round - rifle

    What is your favrorite hunting rifle round? 30-06 use to be king but today many rounds are popular today.
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    Forum loading slow

    It is moving faster now!
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    Forum loading slow

    The forum loads kind of slow for me. I'm not sure if it's my connection or your web hosting. Just giving you a heads up.
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    Are you part of a Club?

    Every year when hunting season for me, I like to bow hunt for deer, I think about joining a club and being able to use the club in the area to harvest a deer. My one issue is bad clubs just looking for your experiences.