The best bait to use for saltwater fish

Catching saltwater fish is a major challenge since fish do not bite the bait quickly. Like other living creatures, fish have their senses well developed and their survival instinct helps them avoid most objects which could pose a threat to their life. So it is important to have a bait which the saltwater fish will mistake for their food and bite the bait, so that the angler can catch them. A wide variety of bait both natural and artificial can be used to catch saltwater fish. The best Bait Saltwater fish are discussed in this article, to help anglers.

The most popular baits which are used for the large saltwater fish like snapper, tuna, grouper, snook are the smaller saltwater fish which are naturally occurring in the area. Some of the popular bait fish in the oceans and seas are pilchards, mullets, sardines, eels. Anglers have noted that sardines are especially attractive to the larger fish. It is better to use live or freshly caught fish, since the larger fish are likely to avoid stale fish. The bait can be hooked through a hole in the tail or a hole through the eyes, or other areas of the mouth. The bait fish should look like a live fish swimming naturally.

Another popular bait for catching saltwater fish are crustaceans like crabs and shrimp. Unlike fish and shrimp which will die quickly when out of water, the crabs are able to survive for some time out of water, so they can be used for overnight fishing trips. The crabs can be tied to the hook using a hole in their shell or tying a string around their pincer or claws. If the anglers line is thin enough, the crab will appear to be swimming in the water. Shrimps are another popular fishing bait for saltwater fish. The hook is attached to a hole in the tail of the shrimp.

Some of the larger saltwater fish like Amberjack and dolphin prefer specific seafood like octopus and squid. For anglers targeting these fish, it is better to cut the octopus into chunks or slices or squid in strips and use as a bait. In case the angler is able to get smaller octopus or squid, the entire bait can be used to attract the large fish. The hook can be passed through the arms of the octopus. Squid, octopus are extremely versatile as a bait, and can be used for all kinds of fishing like bottom fishing, trolling.

Clams, mussel, and shellfish are some of the other popular baits for fish. In case of clams, mussels with hard shells, it is advisable to break the shell, to remove their soft flesh and use it as a bait to attract the fish. Shellfish with a softer shell can be directly connected to the hook for luring the larger fish. alternately the shellfish can be opened and a hook inserted. Usually clams and mussels are found in the shallow waters of the sea or ocean, so before embarking on the fishing trip it is advisable to collect the clams and mussels, so that they are fresh when used as a bait.

Like freshwater fish, sea worms are a very effective bait for a wide variety of smaller saltwater fish like flounder, bass, cod, halibut, Pollock. Some of the sea worms which are used as baits for the fish are lugworms, rag worms and sandworms. There are many bait shops along the sea and ocean coast, especially in areas which are popular with anglers which sell fresh and salted baits for the saltwater fish. It should be noted that usually fresh worms are more effective in luring fish to bite the bait, though salted bait can be preserved for a longer period of time.

Anglers should ensure that bait of the right size should be selected. If the bait is too large, the fish will nibble away at the bait, without being hooked. Hence, from the information provided above, the best bait to be used for a saltwater fish depends to a large extent on the kind of fish the angler wishes to catch. The population of different species of fish will vary in different areas of the ocean and sea, and the angler should choose the best bait accordingly.

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