The top 5 tips for your next camping trip

For many people living in cities and towns, a camping trip is an enjoyable experience where they enjoy greenery and nature. They are away from the pollution, noise and hectic daily routine, however they should be aware of the fact that it is extremely important to plan the camping trip well in advance if they wish to have the best possible experience. Most camping sites are some distance away from the nearest town or city, so if they do not plan their camping trip well they may have to waste time and money later. The following tips camping trip can help to save time and money during the trip.

Selecting the campsite location
It is important to select the right campsite location based on the interests and activities of the group or family who is going for a camping trip. If there are children, it is advisable to select a campsite with bathroom and other facilities. Campsites with activities and facilities for children are also recommended for families. Adult only camping groups can afford to be more adventurous in selecting their camping location, choosing remote areas, where there is more wildlife and greenery. These groups may also choose to use tents. It is also important to do some research on the rules and regulations of the camping site, safety of the location, the wildlife which could pose a danger

Making proper sleeping arrangements
It is important to carry the right sleeping bag while going on a camping trip. During summer or in areas where the temperatures are not low, a synthetic sleeping bag is usually adequate. However, in colder areas, it is recommended that a sleeping bag, with proper lining is used. It should also be easy to wash these sleeping bags after the camping trip is over. Some of the sleeping bags available are very large in size and cannot be easily washed, so it is advisable to purchase a smaller sleeping bag, and use rugs or blankets for lining the bag, if the temperatures at the camping site are low. Some groups may have their own camping vehicles, while others may prefer to use tents for camping.

Cooking arrangements
Cooking the food during the camping trip is one of the most important activities. Though pellet fuel stoves are available, most campers continue to use coal, charcoal and wood for the fire, cooking their food. It is important to ensure that all the utensils required for cooking the food are available, like a frying pan, pans, skillets, tongs, spoons, ladles, plates for serving the food. In some cases, to save time, it is better to cook larger amounts of food at a time, which can be heated later, so storage containers should also be included in the camping supplies. It is advisable to prepare precooked food at home, and carry it to the camping location, so that it can be heated quickly and eaten.

Planning activities
The campsite is usually selected based on the interests of the group going camping and it is better to plan all the activities based on the duration of the camping trip. For example, on each day of the camping trip, the group may prefer to explore a different area in the vicinity of the camping site. Family groups with children may prefer simpler activities like bird watching, exploring the flora and fauna of the area or fishing. Groups with adults may plan more strenuous activities like hiking, rock climbing or hunting (if permitted). Planning the activities will also ensure that the required equipment like fishing rods, binoculars, hiking gear are carried by the group.

First aid supplies, medicines
One of the aspects which many people overlook when they are outdoors camping, is that they are more likely to be injured, bitten by mosquitoes, and other insects. They may suffer from cuts and bruises while exploring the area around the campsite, and children are especially vulnerable. So it is important to carry ointments, bandages and a first aid kit so that the bruises can be covered and heal quickly. It is also advisable to carry insect and mosquito repellants like tea tree oil which protect the skin. Tea tree oil can also help in disinfecting wounds. For trips of longer duration, in remote areas, it is also advisable to carry other medicines especially pain relief tablets for dealing with aches and pain.

There are many other tips which could also help in making your camping trip more pleasant and memorable. However, the above tips cover the most important aspects of the camping holiday and help prevent any major problems.

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